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Who Doesn't LOVE Halloween?!


I can't think of a time when I didn't get elated over Halloween. Every year the month of October greets me with new and revitalized excitement and creativity. Before I even became a makeup artist the costume and pageantry of Halloween was something I looked forward to all year long. As I've grown as an artist, and my skills increased, my love and appreciation for all you can truly create has risen to unspeakable heights. There is no limits to what you can create and build should you simply choose to challenge yourself to create it. October has become my month to challenge myself; an unfiltered time I use to step outside of my beauty comfort zone and try everything and anything new, and each year I accept that challenge only looking forward to the next. There's no wrong choice here it's just- lets try it and see where it takes me and that absolute no boundaries feeling is really what it is to be an artist. There is an indescribable feeling of freedom that comes in opening your imagination with no guidelines or direction, and it is a feeling I hope every artist experiences.

I wanted to take some time and share my 2019 Halloween images and to also mention a few go to products I keep in my Halloween/SFX kit. I realized early on through trial and error that quality products, a few great synthetic paint brushes (because you will make a mess) will always make your looks exceptional. I hope this will help to spark your Halloween curiosities for next year!

Here are just a few brands that work and deserve mention:

Mehron Cosmetics- I'm particularly obsessed with the the Paradise Makeup AQ the pigmentation, the flexibility when applying and the fact that they are compact and water activated with absolute lasting power is essentially why they are my go to.

BenNye- From every type of Blood product, dirt, bruising or scaring, latex or wax you will find it here.

Makeup Forever - The Original Flash Palette. I'm not going to go into just how multifunctional and the limitless practical applications this provides but it is a kit staple for a reason.

And if you are in the Atlanta area and find yourself in need of go to on the spot SFX, premium makeup products and or any of your essential kit needs:

+++Also I must mention that both of these incredible establishments holds excellent classes and offer an abundance of educational opportunities that have helped me in growing as an artist. I highly recommend investing in those events as readily as possible.

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