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Buxom Cosmetics: Big Tease Mascara

In following in their infamous lip plumping tradition Buxom Cosmetics has taken their skill, know how and wizardry and infused it into the world of lashes, with the introduction of their ultimate lash plumping Big Tease Mascara. A volumizing smudge proof mascara with a creamy velvet like formula.

If you are someone like myself who is a card carrying member of the 'itty bitty' lash committee, this is certainly a mascara to consider as a new staple change. Boasting of its longevity and clump free buildable lash coverage, I was only to eager to give this product a try. After one day of use (followed by an entire week of using nothing else) I was pleasantly surprised by not only the high quality and the intense black finish but it was easily removable with standard eye makeup remover. (which NEVER happens!!) My lashes were noticeable lengthened with no spider like flakiness and lacked the typical harsh finish to my lashes as often mascaras who promote intense volumizing can have.

With this great new product, (which went rightfully to top of my mascara bag in my kit) I only look forward to what's to come from Buxom Cosmetics. For me the Big Tease Mascara is a must try, but don't simply take my word for it "try and apply" and see for yourself, it can be found on the Buxom Cosmetics website, as well as Ulta and Sephora stores.


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