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Who I AM...

How many times have each of us asked this question. "Who am I? No, but who am I, really?" Staring in the proverbial mirror wondering who exactly it is looking back at us. It inevitably leads to more questions and often only those rare muggles or anomalies of nature can resolutely stand with an affirmative answer. I am not that sort and I will not apologize for it. If you are here reading this blog I personally welcome you to what hopes to be my exploratory journey of just that.

What I know...

I know now I was always an artist, always in search of sensory outlets to quell an insatiable need to create. There was always an overwhelming murmur in the background of my thoughts that screamed for color, light and all the beautiful things that championed expression. It would take me 30 years of blind seeking, painful excuses and restless compromises to finally proclaim what I intrinsically knew...I was an artist and it was my life's imperative to embrace that.

What I can tell you...

I am a seeker.

I have a deep need to inpsire and a voice that can no longer live quieted.

I am transfixed by the world's truly beautiful things and the minds, hands, materials, thoughts and inspirations used to create them.

I believe in love, the power of the universe, positivity, karma and that art is truly a gift of the Divine.

I believe sharing is the most powerfully overlooked and underrated gift we can give one another and the only true path to enlightenment and growth. I believe it is not only vital but an absolute necessity 'today' to empower, encourage and uplift each other.

I don't have all the answers...but I'm finally ready to ask the questions that may lead me there.

I am not wealthy or famous...(yet)

But...I have a vision. A crystal clear path I am actively seeking and this blog is just one of those fine pieces on my yellow brick road. It is my hope and desire to create an open forum for beauty enthusiast, the fashion forward, artist and creatives alike.

Who am I?

My name is Shaneka, an artist and hopefully you're intrigued enough to visit again as I grow on this journey. This blog in its simplicity was created for self discovery, a need to share my voice and to bring light to my favorite aspects of makeup, the beauty industry and fashion, but I have aspirations for it to become so much more...and trust me it will be and I hope you'll be here to see it.


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